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Your Hunt for Bridal Jewelry Stops Here


Want to collaborate on something special for your bridesmaids (or yourself)?


The custom process starts off with you sending me an idea of what kind of pieces you’re wanting via email.


After your special day, throw those earrings on with a little black dress. And try not to tear up remembering how amazing the wedding day was.


A few weeks later, I’ll send you mockup images of the actual pieces that I have in mind, from your ideas. You have free rein to make all the edits you want. I want to make sure you’re happy.



Meet Lily

Hi there!

I’m a jewelry artist, yoga and meditation teacher and therapist living in Kansas City, Missouri. I have been professionally making jewelry for nearly fifteen years. I focus on statement pieces that are materials-driven. (This means, I curate & collect the pieces that I like and then figure out what I’ll make with it later).

Custom bridal projects are my favorite part of the job. I am always so impressed by the ideas that are brought to me to bring to life.

If you’re not a bride-to-be and are looking for my other jewelry, you can visit my Kansas City studio or attend one of my upcoming events (typically announced on my social pages). I still offer my pieces at the retail level, have no fear!