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Don’t Keep Putting it Off.

Face it. Therapy isn’t easy. It’s uncomfortable. I know.
But would you rather let the problems in your life fester? Constant worrying, feelings of sadness, conflict with your partner? Won’t those just continue if you keep doing nothing?
Drop the old patterns of behavior, grieve the loss of your ex, figure out why you’re so anxious all the time and love your spouse again. Therapy can help you break through your frustrating patterns and achieve the life you want.

3 Steps to Better



Step one. Get honest with yourself. You need to talk to a therapist. It’s time. Make that difficult call.



Step two. Open up about what’s going on. Use your weekly therapy sessions to dive into your relationships, what things feel difficult and what isn’t working.


Self Work.

Step three. Now you’ve learned the skills to face challenges on your own. You’re equipped to accept and address whatever life throws at you without needing a therapist anymore.


M.S., S-MFT, RYT-200

Lily Dawson

Hello! Welcome!

I’m Lily. I am a Supervised Marriage and Family Therapist and a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

I am the go-to therapist for people who are ready to take action no matter how much it hurts. I’m who you can trust with the darkest corners of your shame, anger and sadness. I will unapologetically challenge you to work with the things you’ve labeled as “baggage.”

Self work isn’t easy. I’m not just going to hold your hand through it. I’m going to stand behind you and fearlessly push you through it...if you’re ready for better.

My specialties:
-Relationship problems
-Lack of motivation
-General unhappiness
-Loss and grief
-Low self-confidence

There is no issue you’re experiencing that’s too big or too small. Every reaction makes sense to me: it is simply an indicator light that something needs more attention. Though we are taught to numb out any extreme emotion, I offer a safe place for these responses to (finally) be dealt with.

Therapy can be intimidating. I know. I want to make uncomfortable conversations easy. You’ve already been dealing with a lot. Join me to take off some of that pressure.


Start Practicing Your Therapy Skills

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